Types of Pests that Could Invade Your Home 

There are thousands of types of pests out there, many of which may love to call your home their own at any time. Pests come inside searching for comfortable warmth and food. It is best that you pest-proof your home to avoid infestation. However, you may need a pest control staten island professional to come in to help you keep them away. What type of pests can invade your home? Some of the most common are listed below.


There are several types of cockroaches that may infest your home, each of which is as big of a nuisance as the next. The two most common types of roaches you might see are the German cockroach and the American cockroach.


Nothing is worse than hearing the pitter patter of a mouse screeching across the floor when all the lights in the house are turned off. Sometimes mice and rats lurk through the home unnoticed and the only signs of their presence is the droppings they leave behind and the messes they create along the way. If you suspect that you have a mouse or a rat problem, don’t wait to get a professional on the job.


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There’s a ton of ant species that threaten your home inside and out. A few of the ant species bite! All ant species are frustrating to see on your property and sometimes hard to eliminate once they’ve made themselves at home. It is imperative that you take action against ants quickly to prevent major issues.


Termites eat the cellulose in the wood of your home and it doesn’t take them long to cause massive damage. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage as they eat you from the inside out of your home. Don’t let this problem persist.