Overhead Door Safety Tips

Thousands of people are injured by overhead garage doors every single year. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than 15,000 people visit emergency facilities to treat injuries sustained from overhead doors annually. If one of these doors hangs in your garage, safety is of most importance.  Use the tips here to maintain safety of everyone in the home.

Check Safety Sensor

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An overhead door has safety sensors on the rails, located about six-inches from the ground. The sensors reverse the garage door closing direction when something (human or animal) walks underneath it. If the sensors are worn out or otherwise damaged and faulty, this doesn’t happen. Call a repairman for your overhead door st. louis at once.

It Is Not a Toy

Kids sometimes like to play with the overhead door, whether they’re opening and closing it, swinging on the door, or otherwise using it as a source of entertainment. This is never a good idea because the door is not a toy and can be very dangerous! Teach your kids not to play on the door as well as the potential risks of playing on the door.

Keep Fingers Out of the Way

Never put your hands or fingers in the joints found between the garage door panels as it is closing. Would you believe that more than half the garage door injures each occur as a result of smashed fingers? Yes, it is just as painful as it sounds so avoid this headache and take all safety precautions!

Test the Door Force

If you try to push the door down, it should stop by force and you should not be able to continue forcing it down. If the door doesn’t stop, you should adjust the force settings first. If this does not resolve the problem, you should call a professional for service.

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